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Websites Designed For Business

How We Work

We do not view the building of a business website as an IT exercise. We believe that we are constructing a business asset. To do this effectively we need to develop a very clear brief with you, to understand your business, your marketing strategy and see how a website would compliment and synchronise with all of the other elements of that strategy.

We encourage our clients to work with us in defining the detail and developing the character of the website. This way we achieve true ownership of the website amongst the staff. This has a knock on benefit later, as a successful website needs to be regularly updated for several reasons:

  • Visitors expect to see a website reflect the absolute current position within a business. It is a fact that if a website does not change reasonably regularly, visitor numbers will fall.
  • Search engines expect to see movement on a website. It is reasonable for them to conclude that a website with no activity is unlikely to provide the help that users require.


We will construct for you a website that we agree meets your needs.
If you are new to the web we will suggest that you move into the web environment at the speed that your organisation can comfortably cope with. The web is littered with websites with news page full of last year's news and special offer pages detailing stock long disposed of.
We build websites in a modular style so that we can add databases, downloads, news pages, content management, e-commerce, search facilities and a whole package of interactivity as you are ready for it.


We believe in developing deep and meaningful business relationships with our clients. We have very strong business strategy and marketing expertise within our operation. We make this available to our clients to enable us to engineer websites to clear objectives that will deliver business to you.

For a no obligation consultation on your business needs please call 0161 278 2534 or visit our contact page.

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